Vintage and Classic Boat Repairs and Restoration
Owner Nicola Byrne
Length 15ft
Hull is cold molded Mahogany veneer
Built in Christchurch
She originally had a inboard in her but was converted to an outboard when Nicola Byrnes family brought her
Decks all removed ready to glue and re-fasten loose framing and transom
The transom was not attached along the deck
on both sides

All the joints along the ski pole deck were loose most of the screws had snapped and the front seat back was just hanging there

The forward-deck has all been removed ready for
new steering wheel and mounting blocks. The old gage holes in deck beam showing
Cutting out new ply deck
Sealing up the underside of the deck Starting to lay new decking in mahogany and Kauri
  All finished

She was powered by a big white fridge which has finally died after two sinkings.

Guisippe is now going to have a Yamaha 65hp installed about 100kgs lighter than the fridge it should make a huge improvement to her performance

boat restor

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