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Little One

This little boat was found at the Otaki tip she is 5'6" x3'6" 8 planks per side main hull is Kahikatea.  
Shear plank seats and transom are Kauri. The Ribs Knees and stem are Totora all Knees and stem are natural crooks.
The belting is Mati,  a good mix of natives

What a shapely transom

She has a nice little fleer to the bow

The new pahutakawa seat Knees

New ribs are in I have used oak as I wanted something that did not get brittle over time as the totora ones did.
 I intend to use her as a tender for No Catchem. I will leave all the original Knees in as they are still sound  the stem is sound so it will stay the seat knees were ply so I replaced them with Pahutakawa natural crooks  a new Kauri center thwart and stirn bench with oak riser

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