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1959 austrailian race boat / ski boat.

 I picked this little beauty up from Okarto south west of New Plymouth in one of the old dairy factorys
.After re placeing the Wheel bearings and tyers on the tralior, we dragged her out into the light to have a good look at her.

All her fittings are here including engine mounts and windscreen.

It took half an hour to get the tow hitch to work then load the old 4.1 falcon motor into her

???? thats strange, the starter and ring gear are up in the air and facing the bow, it must have been driven of the pressed steel belt pully on the crank. Thats not all, the cavertation plate that supports the rudder is upside down. The finn keel in the center of the hull is the wrong way around, The fearleads on the bow are back to front and its all bolted on with mild steel bolts. hmmmmm Landlubbers have been here owe-well its all got to come off anyway.

The transome is rotten and the engine beds have that hollow spunge sound to them. The keel plank is non existant under the shaft log and skeg.

The transom is now out and the iron bark keel plank is on its way out.
I will replace this first with Kwila and extend it out through the transom to act as a cavertation plate and rudder support then re-do the transom frames before I remove the engine beds and replace them.

New mahogany transom is in and Jarra ski plank ready for rudder fittings new engine beds are in and getting glassed over new stirn tube installed now for floors and bulkheads seats and engine bay deck hatches then paint and find a motor V8 or V6 ??????? Any suggestions

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