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Our New Boat

this is our new toy she is 19ft x 6ft and was based at Lake Tarawera for many years.

She was used for guided fishing trips around the lake until she sank one stormy nigh, the salvage did not go as planed and she now needs a little TLC around the stem.

The inner stem was split clean down the middle and needs some new ribs, the bow section has dropped on one side.
she has a 100mm hog in the keel.

I have removed the damaged stem and built a rack around her to pull the bow up and twist her back into shape.

With that stirn she looks like she would plane easily and with the nice little flare to the bow she looks like a cross between a work boat and a ski boat?

She had a 3 cylinder Diesel in her I have a MK 3 Zephyr full marineised by lees marine with a paragon 1to1 box that should get her going. The hull is Kauri decks are a single skin of ½ inch Teak all floors are Kauri.

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