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Sea Nymph

The Welsford Whaler Sea Nymph taking shape
she is 6.2m hull. Over all spars 8.8m  with a 2.2m beam.
I have a rig of a 27ft navy whaler I am going to install on her, the outboard well has been changed to take a shaft and an electric inboard with a battery bank on each side off center case

stringers going on.
Bulkhead 4 has been altered to allow the seat tops to extend to center case with storage lockers. Bulkhead 8 has been set up so I can cut out center panel once the planking is on

Planking up

Mizzen mast box set up,
the same as Johns danials boat

Seat tops in place with battery box openings and storage lockers on either side of case

All planked up and some deck framing in
Engine well battery boxes and Samson post installed deck framing installed

Engine well with shaft log fitted

Chain plate mounting blocks

All deck ply and seat tops cut and tacked in place ready to lift of and seal the underside before installing

the seat tops and decks are all fitted and lockers painted.

Rolling her over

Back upright with brass strips on keel and yellow as per Angela's request for a yellow boat a dark blue top plank and water line should show her lines off nicely.

What a nice rear end shaft. The prop is in place, the flat areas are for rudder gudgeons.

Launching day under full sail heading out the Mapua channel
boat restor

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