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Shearwater is 21ft x 5ft4in at the waterline and the widest point on the foredeck is 7ft3in 5/8th Kauri planking all full length planks all Knees are Pahutakawa and the stem. Frames and seam battens are Kauri with a 11/4 bronze shaft.

Her lines are very close to the 21ft restricted class race boats 1917. Decks were canvas over ½ in Kauri planks and seam battens Toledo worm has eaten some big areas in her hog and garbed planks all will need replacing along with some floors. At some stage the hull was glassed below the waterline this will have to come of and be re-done.

Look at those curves

Her name suits her she should fly with the 253 V8 we have for her. She has twin 2in exhaust ports in the transom from a V8? At some stage and something a lot bigger she has two waterlines on her one 4in higher than the other.

New shaft log being fitted

Keel hog and garbed planks all out
new hog going in

New shaft and log with new Bearings in the skeg we have a new water cooled seal for her the old system was not recoverable unfortunately new keel and planks are all in just need to fear in the hull  and re-glass from the waterline down

The Pahutakawa Natural crooks on the chine's

Shearwaters stepped down decks and nice little tumble home on the stirn and huge flare in the bow all gives her a totally unique look

The old broken and oil soaked grown floors have been replaced with new laminated Kauri floors. I am just fitting in new Kauri engine beds in and aft cockpit baulk head to stiffen her up before I roll her over

Water line down has first top coat port side is corked  primed filled and undercoated starboard side is ready to have the cotton driven in
Up right at last  new deck beams going in where required  and some new seam battens on the foredeck

New decks are all on and she is on her new trailer

New decks

Mahogany hand rails and trims windscreen are going in and laid Kauri deck is fitted I think I will leave the canvas off and varnish them

We are getting there the hard works all done just the expensive stuff to go.
Do I go for a old traditional V8 ford or Chev Guzzler we intend to use this boat a lot around the sounds / lakes and boat shows or do I fit a 4.5 lt V8 Nissan EFI with almost twice the horsepower and half the fuel costs????.

We need an Engine
Is there any one out there looking for a totally unique? / stunning vintage Boat to try out there inboards in.
For the right sponsor we can advertise there  product on our site and at the boat shows we attend if you want the boat at other events and shows I am sure we can arrange it if you are interested in negotiating a deal please contact Peter 0274518027.  

Fuel tank is under the aft seat 136lt we are looking at hydraulic steering? Or cable steering we have a sold mahogany car steering wheel and all the old bronze air vents for on the decks I am still looking for some Bronze aft deck cleats and anchor cleat for the foredeck  
boat restor

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