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White Lady
Naval whaler
Number 324
Built 1975Dev N Z
Built by Jeff Cook and Bob Huntington while doing there apprenticeships at the NZ Naval dock yard in Auckland NZ.

Two whalers were sold to Ian Uwen Street by the NZ Navy. He loaned one to Queen Charlotte College and the other one to Britannia sea scouts in Wellington.

After some years he was contacted by the collage who no longer wanted her. Ian had heard about me through a friend of his and contacted me in 2001 and gave her to me to restore as she needed re-ribbing and re-painting and had a 3 inch hog in the keel

She was at Queen Charlotte college in Picton with some of her rigging and boat cover.
The rest of her rigging and plenty of spear gear was out at Kenepuru Head in the Marlborough sounds.
I went down to picton and loaded all the gear that was in her in to my L300 van and her on to a trailer that I had moderfidy to take her I left her at the ferry park then drove out to Kenepuru Head 2hrs each way and picked up the rest of her gear and the spear gear the poor van had half a ton on the roof rack and about the same inside. And the 27ft whaler on the back she groaned a lot.

She attracted a lot of attention while waiting for the ferry to take her home the ferry crews all seamed to have sailed in the whalers at some time which was fine by me as I was first on the linx and first of and on the bridge most off the way home.
All the spear gear I split between me and Britannia sea scouts. As this was part of the deal. She came with all new sails oars and masts.

Work done She is up on blocks and tied to the roof of a lean-to ready to re-rib. The first 16 ribs are in ready to rivet the hog has been pushed out and some of the paint has been removed. The center case has been rebuilt and is ready to go back in.


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