1930s race boat For Sale

We pulled this old girl out of a shed in Ngakuta bay in the sounds she is 18ft x 4’8″ft 1930s was told she came up from Dunedin 23 years ago. She is all kauri hull and decks. Engine beds are Red Beach. She is very lightly built with canvas covered decks planks are all 1/2″-12.5mm thick frames are all 5/8-16mm thick, Seam battens on all planks and under decks are all copper riveted frames are Brass screw fastened with 1/8th 3mm iron brackets to brace the chine joint and one bolt on the vertical frame into chine rail. deck framing has 1/8th- 3mm iron brackets holding some framing members in place rudder is iron. shaft is stainless steel with a thrust bearing mounted on the inboard end shaft is stepped at the bearing and a iron bracket supports it on engine beds she would have been direct drive originally. She has two shaft holes forward one is oldest. Aft shaft hole has been hacked in very roughly done looks like she had a re-power and had to shift the shaft aft to accommodate new motor. interior was dark Green. I have found no bulkhead fixing holes on any frames or floors looks like she was a open boat with a box over the engine naro side decks and aft deck.

I am going to restore her hull to as close to original as i can but fit modern running gear and a old school straight 6 of some sort and bling up the decks chrome and varnish she will be stunning when finished and will be for sale

Wanted to compleat this project

100×75 Red Beach or silver beach need 2 at 1.5m

Kauri Planks 8×1 for planking and frames

Flathead 6 with or without gearbox

Windscreen hardware crome center and side brackets