5ft-18ft Vintage & classic wooden boat’s engines and hardware Wanted for repairs & restorations

We Specialize in: restoring small vintage boats we have a small collection of pre-1910 boats we have restored with the help local students and Adults wanting to learn about traditional boat building. We fund this our self’s with the help of material and money
donation’s. any donations of material’s and fittings and money are used to restore
these old boats with the help of local volunteers and some collage students getting
work experience
some off these small boats are unique one off NZ built.
like Blue Duck 1895 / Little one 1910 / No Catchem 1910 / Julie 1950s
They have a lot of maritime history with them
They need saving
We are looking for any pre-1910 small work/pleasure boats the older the better.
Even if it’s compost with all its parts we will look at it
Old wooden Clinker boats / yachts and small speed boats.
Old counter stern Launches and yachts 6-18ft any condition for restoration.
The More known History with the boat the better.
Any old Boat fittings bronze / spars / sails.
copper nails and Roves copper rod bronze screws and ring nails.
Marine Engines oil / steam or petrol.
Clinker dinghies any size and condition for restoration.
Old books and mags on NZ maritime history

We do not buy boats

It costs far more than they are worth to restore.
If we take one on we will restore her for future generations to use and admire
contact Peter
03 5441818